Wilkinson Ford - Comedy Biography

Comedy duo Wilkinson Ford formed in 2011. Since then they've been wowing both online and live audiences with their unique brand of sketch and character comedy.

Their spoof take on a Wilkinson Sword commercial attracted the attention of the BBC and won them a host of internet fans as far afield as Barbados!

To date they've staged three full length shows; 'The Gherkin Fantasies' which enjoyed a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival in 2011, 'The Wilkinson Ford Variety Show' which they performed at London's Lion & Unicorn Theatre in 2012 and 'Wilkinson Ford: Webmasters' which they took to the Edinburgh Fringe 2013. All have combined pre-recorded footage and live performance to brilliant effect.

In 2014 they will return to the Edinburgh Fringe with an exciting new show, entitled 'Kagoolio'.

Both talented actors in their own right, Nicola Wilkinson and Claire Ford have amazing chemistry as a double-act, making Wilkinson Ford a name to be sure to look out for!

2011 Edinburgh Festival - "The Gherkin Fantasies"
2012 The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, London - "The WIlkinson Ford Variety Show"
2013 Edinburgh Festival - "Wilkinson Ford: Webmasters"